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The atEvent Attendee app is a mobile app for event attendees that allows corporate marketers to mobilize their presence at events and drive engagement with prospects.

The Attendee app delivers enhanced attendee experiences with relevant content, real-time information, integrated social media touch points, and a range of interactive features designed to drive engagement with prospects before, during and after the event.

Through the Attendee app, corporate marketers are able to gather rich intelligence about their prospects’ engagement at events. Information and contact requests flow directly into CRM and Marketing Automation systems as leads for real-time nurturing or sales outreach.

Attendee App Features

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Marketing automation

Drive real-time prospect follow-up, lead retrieval and profile building at events by connecting your event marketing efforts to your Marketing Automation and eNurturing systems. We offer out-of-the-box integration with Marketo, Eloqua and Aprimo.

CRM integration

Improve prospect follow up, lead retrieval and profile building at events by connecting your event marketing efforts to your CRM systems. We offer out-of-the-box integration with

Partner showcase

Promote strategic partners, sponsors and vendors that are playing an integral role in your event. Highlight joint solutions and drive leads directly to them.

Request for meetings

Allow prospects to connect with company attendees or request meetings in real-time.

Event registration

Pull in registered attendee list into your event apps. We work with several leading event registration vendors and can pull in attendee information directly from them.


Launch new products and dazzle your prospects. Embed demos and other demo content in your apps and let the prospects experience your solutions like never before.


Integrate videos via YouTube and other video channels to make your event more engaging. Update video content in real-time.


Integrate photos using your Instagram or Flickr accounts that attendees can share with each other and "Like".


Highlight key event messages and relevant, timely information within the landing page of the app.


Share relevant presentations and collateral with attendees via the app. Capture relevant lead info and send responses with attachments via email using your eNurturing system.


Publish FAQs to enable attendees to quickly and easily get answers to questions they're likely to ask.


Solicit feedback and increase engagement via smartphone-based surveys to maximize ROI and intel from your event.

Real-time polling

Leverage integrated real-time polling functionality to collect feedback during live presentations or events and see real-time results.

Real-time questions

Enable attendees to submit questions in real-time via smartphone at your event. Use it during live presentations and demos and aloow presenters to personalize their message to the audience needs.

Integrated with leading social networks

Connect social media to drive engagement at your event via integrations with the most comprehensive list of social platforms available on the market, including Facebook, Flickr, Google+, Instagram, Twitter, FourSquare, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

Attendee meet-up

Allow attendees to arrange meet-ups and gatherings at your event via the app.


Provide attendees relevant scheduling information on the event on their smartphone device. Configure what session and speaker information you want to highlight.

Attendee contact information

Allow attendees to network with each other and meet up. Allow them to connect via email, phone or via a connection request form.


Provide attendees with maps and directions to the event in the apps.

Contact organizer

Enable attendees to contact the event organizer quickly and easily in real-time via the apps.


Notify attendees of event happenings, such as opportunities to engage with speakers, happy hour or congregate for contest winner drawings.


Provide attendees with an overview of your event, as well as relevant corporate background information. You can also provide privacy, legal and other required info.

Brand integration

Customize the app with your branding and campaign design.

Real-time analytics

Analyze and measure key prospect intelligence from your event and optimize your ongoing prospect engagement strategy. See module usage, poll results, information requests, feedback data and registration data in real time via the Analytics Portal.

Privacy compliant

Publish your privacy policy in the app or link to it on your site.

Security compliant

We take PII data very seriously. All data is stored securely and transmitted to CRM and marketing automation systems over a secure layer.


Cater to global audiences with our multilingual platform.

Supported devices

This app currently works on iOS devices and selected Android smartphones and tablets, versions 4.0 and above.

Scalable across events
of all sizes

The app is built on a modular framework, enabling us to create customized event templates based on your event type that can be scaled across the various events you support.