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Traditionally, leads generated at events have been unqualified and lacked context. The atEvent Check-In app solves these problems by allowing event staff to include event and prospect intelligence in the lead, including topics discussed and specific follow-up actions – so your salesforce can nurture leads in a more impactful way.

The atEvent Check-In app is fully integrated with the most widely used and trusted marketing automation and CRM systems and transfers prospect information automatically for real-time lead nurturing.

Check-In App Available on the App Store

Check-In App Features

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Marketing automation

Drive real-time prospect follow-up, lead retrieval and profile-building at events by connecting your event marketing efforts to your marketing automation and eNurturing systems. We offer out-of-the-box integration with Marketo, Eloqua and Aprimo.

CRM integration

Improve prospect follow up, lead retrieval and profile building at events by connecting your event marketing efforts to your CRM systems. We offer out-of-the-box integration with

Real-time analytics

See lead data in real time via our Admin Portal. Prospect response history is automatically updated in your CRM or marketing automation system.

Privacy compliant

Publish your privacy policy in the app or link to it on your site.

Security compliant

We take PII data very seriously. All data is stored securely and transmitted to CRM and marketing automation systems over a secure layer.

Supported devices

This app currently works on 3rd Gen and newer iPads and selected Android tablets, versions 4.0 and above.

Offline support

This app can be used offline so you can keep working at events where you do not have connectivity, but requires connectivity for initial log-in.

Configuration options

Configure the app to capture the profile information you need and customize topics and follow-up actions based on how your marketing automation system is set up.

Capture notes

Include an additional field for capturing notes outside of your system's configured fields.

Embed BANT forms

Coming Soon!

Contest integration

Coming Soon!