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Fishbowl App

The atEvent Fishbowl app allows event attendees to provide contact information and sign up for contests, promotions and other special offers at your event booth via any tablet device. Event attendees sign up for all kinds of promotions at events, including giveaways and contests, special offers, newsletters. The atEvent Fishbowl app mobilizes all of this in a self-service tablet app that automates the sign-up process for all promotions offered by your company and then automatically transfers prospect information in real time to your preferred marketing automation and CRM solutions. The atEvent Fishbowl app eliminates the time-consuming manual processes of data transcription, data cleansing, and data upload.

Fishbowl App

Fishbowl App Features

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Marketing automation

Drive real-time prospect follow-up, lead retrieval and profile-building at events by connecting your event marketing efforts to your marketing automation and eNurturing systems. We offer out-of-the-box integration with Marketo, Eloqua and Aprimo.

CRM integration

Improve prospect follow up, lead retrieval and profile building at events by connecting your event marketing efforts to your CRM systems. We offer out-of-the-box integration with

Brand integration

Customize the app with your branding and campaign design.

Real-time analytics

See registration data in real time via our Admin Portal. Export registration data in Excel or see what has been submitted to your CRM or marketing automation systems.

Privacy compliant

Publish your privacy policy in the app or link to it on your site.

Security compliant

We take PII data very seriously. All data is stored securely and transmitted to CRM and marketing automation systems over a secure layer.

Supported devices

This app currently works on 3rd Gen and newer iPads and selected Android tablets, versions 4.0 and above.

BANT forms

Empower your salesforce capture customer interactions via BANT forms on tablets, send the information to your marketing automation system, and automatically generate dynamic emails and sales alerts as configured.

Onsite registration

Drive onsite registrations via self-service tablets. Customize your registration form and automatically send the information to your marketing automation or CRM system.


Say goodbye to glass fishbowls at events. Now you can have a digital fishbowl that accurately captures sign-ups for contests and giveaways.

information sign-up

Allow attendees to easily sign up for newsletters and product info using a scalable, self-service tablet app.